Last month I wrote a piece suggesting that if the new agricultural support scheme applying to the UK is too “green”, and not encouraging to production agriculture, some farmers will vote with their feet and opt out completely.  They will try to earn what they can from the market and ignore any payments from a UK farm support scheme, as payments will be small compared with the restrictions that may apply to their farming.

Clearly, they will still have to adhere to (for instance) pollution prevention and animal welfare regulations, but otherwise they will try to be as rule-free as possible.

One editor of a national publication picked this up and suggested that new “green” compulsory rules could then come in, with punishments for those that do not comply.  Satellites and drones can spot transgressors easily.  This may be the case, but it will not stop rational farmers doing what they can to preserve scarce profits on their increasingly pressurised farm businesses.

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