Biodiversity Plans

With about 70% of land in the UK being used for agriculture, the Agroecosystem (farmland habitat) is arguably the most important environment in the UK.

A diverse agroecosystem is essential for productivity, function and stability of the environment. However, following the post-war intensification of farming systems, agriculture has been associated with biodiversity loss and a reduction in the presence of wildlife.

Biodiversity on farm has become a prominent factor in milk contracts, carbon audits and future environmental schemes. Therefore, it is key that we get this right on a farm scale!

Most importantly, a balance must be found on farm that allows for the needs of wildlife without impacting the potential for food production.

Have you got a biodiversity plan for your farm?

There are a range of factors to consider that will impact the level of biodiversity on your farm including trees, hedges, manure storage, spray use, stocking density, buffer strips and crop rotations. It is important to remember, that any benefits associated with the enhancement of wildlife need to be weighed against the cost in the context of farm management.

When biodiversity plans are created with careful consideration, they can have a great positive effect. They can create a more sustainable farming environment, and please carbon auditors!

If you would like more information on Biodiversity Plans, please contact Cari on or your local FCG Office.

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