Ammonia – What It Is and How to Reduce It?

NH₃, NH₄, NO₃, SO₃…  There is only so much chemistry that we can remember from school, however the chemistry that is becoming more important to understand is Ammonia (NH₃), the effects, and ways in which it can be reduced.  The Clean Air Strategy has been produced by DEFRA in order for the government to regulate […]

Going to Dairy Tech – 6th February?

Dairy-Tech is great show, showcasing the very best of the industry and the new technology, products and services that are available.  Alongside the usual dairy companies offering advice, sales pitches and free tea, coffee and a variety of branded stationary, there will be product launches, seminars and demonstrations.  Zoetis is launching their new intelligent ear […]

Methaldahyde Ban As Of Spring 2020

Along with the multiple changes Brexit will bring to the agricultural industry, the recent ban announcement on the well-used molluscicide metaldehyde will be yet another blow.  As of spring 2020, farmers in Britain will no longer be allowed to use the active product outside due to it ‘posing an unacceptable risk to birds and mammals’. […]

Have You Got the Financial Pulse of Your Business?

Farm accounts is often the last job on a to-do list.  However, when prices are volatile and market demand and supply vary, management accounts are more important to manage your business effectively. Management accounts provide a detailed financial insight to the business.  Inputting accurate information can enable you (and your consultant/accountant) to identify strengths and […]