New Income Streams for Farmers

The Government has announced that the current Basic Payment scheme will end in 2028. The proposal for an enhanced Environmental Stewardship Scheme, in the form of Environmental Land Management (ELMS), is still some way off. With wide scale trials in 2024 and a full roll out in 2026, it will mean that that many farms […]

Organic Milk Prices Sector Outlook

The coronavirus pandemic has caused turmoil in some sectors of the milk market and the organic sector has not escaped entirely. For those who supply the food services sector demand dried up almost overnight. Those producers who supply farm shops and home delivery services have seen demand rise sharply. The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo) […]

Soil Quality and Infiltration Rate

I am quite regularly asked by colleagues and farmers to offer an opinion on some more complex soil analysis reports. It may be a soil audit that includes Cation Exchange Capacity and total nutrients or a REAMS test. These results can be illuminating and help in preparing fertiliser and soil management plans. The tests for […]

Stewardship Hedgerow Payments

There is an increase in the number of standalone capital payments allowed under stewardship agreements and there is a number of capital items no longer need to be applied for with a full stewardship agreement. Hedgerow and fencing options With a renewed interest in environmental scheme payments it may be time to consider improving the […]