Biodiversity Net Gain – An Opportunity for Landowners

Biodiversity Net Gain – An Opportunity for Landowners (article from Rob Wreglesworth of the Environment Bank) The need for biodiversity offsetting sites is due to sharply increase with the introduction of mandatory biodiversity net gain under England’s planning law, generating a new avenue of investment into the rural economy and into your land. An Introduction […]

What is the Value of Your Milk Contract?

Milk price is a key driver for a profitable dairy enterprise. The range in milk prices is as wide now as it has ever been. With most processors not recruiting suppliers at the moment, restricting the transfer of suppliers, many producers on poorly paying contracts have little option but to put up and shut up. […]

FCG Response to ELMS Consultation

The reduction in Basic Payments Scheme will start next year and a new era of agriculture support is imminent. The BPS replacement system known as Environmental Land Management Scheme ELMS is starting to be brought together. The Government closed an industry wide consultation on their proposals at the end of July. On behalf of FCG […]