Support for Agroforestry

The government has recently issued clarification of how Agroforestry fits within the Basic Payment Scheme rules. As previously discussed in this newsletter, Agroforestry offers farmers, landowners and the environment significant benefits in terms of not only financial returns, but environmentally from carbon storage and increased biodiversity. DEFRA have clarified the situation regarding trees in field […]

Soil Carbon – Is Your Soil a Cruise Liner or a Junk?

Soil organic matter and soil carbon are currently the centre of attention for several important reasons as repeatedly discussed in this newsletter, but soils have differing potential to store carbon. An analogy that I like, is to compare your soil with is a cruise liner. Is your soil a mega liner with thousands of passengers […]

Incorporating Livestock into a Regenerative Arable System

Are grazing livestock a perquisite of regenerative farming systems? Whilst this is a common thought and perhaps the holy grail for some regenerative farmers, there is little evidence to support this claim. Livestock certainly bring an extra dimension to the diversity of the system and an additional bacterial flora to the soil biota. Many arable […]

Soil Quality Index a Method for Better Monitoring Soils?

We are all familiar with the need for regular soil testing which normally only includes the major nutrients, ignoring the importance of soil texture and organic matter. The introduction of a Soil Quality Index seeks to readdress this issue. Looking as it does at the relationship between soil organic matter (soil carbon) and the clay […]