What’s on Your Risk Register? Do You Even Have One?

I am a Trustee for a small charity that specialises in providing education opportunities in connection with Farming Food and the Environment. One of the key accountabilities of the Trustee is the ability to show the Charity Commissioners that they are managing the risks to the business in a professional manner and with due diligence. […]

Nitrogen Planning 2020

The Met office recently released the data for autumn rainfall compared to the 30 year average and whilst it’s no surprise that most parts of the country have had at least 130% of their average autumn rainfall, making a prediction on the impact that this will have on nitrogen available for the 2020 crops is […]

New Year Resolution – Building Healthy Soils

New year resolutions are seldom kept beyond Burns Night and normally involve giving up something that you like.  So how about one for 2020 that will commit you to taking soil samples in January?  Putting in place a coherent soil management plan is key to improving the productivity of your soils, and without the knowledge […]