US Farmers Borrowing Boom, Is It Sustainable?

So, US farmers are feeling the pinch of the ongoing China trade wars with the later imposing tariffs on many agricultural goods including Soybeans, Corn (Maize), dairy and beef products.  China did buy 50%+ of the US Soybean crop, however as a result of the tariffs-imposed US export revenue fell 74%.  With the Brazilian’s currently […]

Non-Dairy-Milks will save the Planet, Right?

As farmers we are constantly enforced to conform with the next barrage of requirements, whether it be carbon footprints, measure this or measure that…. All whilst 3 different milk tankers collect in the same village!? Almond or Soya milk, I’m not sure we can describe liquid squeezed from nuts as “Milk”!  We should really adopt […]

Big 350 – 350 Miles in 50 Hours Non-Stop

So, we completed our challenge from the Lake District to Devizes in the required time and quite frankly this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  The physical aspect was a challenge but the mental torture of no sleep whilst walking 3.5mph average was even worse.  You saw various sides of […]

US Soya Beans versus Maize Plantations and the Market Effects

Soya has rallied up from £280/t mark to £320/t (31.05.19).  This is predominantly due to the US-China trade wars and the record soya plantations last year.  Surprisingly prices continue to build especially considering Maize plantings being slowed by poor weather (snow & heavy rain).  US farmers typically move from growing Maize to Soya with similar […]