Magnesium. The Most Critical Mineral in a Cow’s Diet

Calcium is the most important mineral for milk production but for bodily processes and the cow’s poor holding capacity, Magnesium is vital! As we approach the shoulder of the grazing season magnesium reduces in fresh grass. Spring calved herds on low feed rates and/or mineralised compounds are particularly low in supply of magnesium. Milk Fever specifically […]

Rake vs Merge?

Mergers have been about for a few years but a relatively new concept for the UK. So, what is a Merger? A merger is two independent pickups using a conveyor belt to move forage to either a centre or side swath. As opposed to raking silage across the ground like a typical rotary, wheel or […]

Erratic Grass

Grazing can be as erratic as the weather, especially where strict grazing disciplines do not exist. Take the following grass analysis we have seen over the last few months noting that both oil and crude protein have been all over the place. To put this into perspective all grass is 3-4 weeks of regrowth either […]

Strip-Grazing Autumn Block Dry Cows (circa. 8,000litre)

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to dry cows, and certain opportunities may allow more cost-effective means to manage dry cows. First what is the cow type? Yield? Can grazing paddocks be shut up early? And what is the mineral content of soils and forages available (Potassium & Calcium in particular)? […]