Dairy Compounds – Look The Same But Are Different!

Having worked in the compound sector for two compounders I have knowledge of compound formulations and working out cake specifications between compounders.  Below I have constructed two different high energy (HE) 16% compounds. To the untrained eye they look the same but there are subtle differences which mean I can cut 0.5ME between the cakes.  […]

Reducing Heating in TMR’s

The current hot weather has helped to increase heating in TMR’s and forages more than normal. Heating is caused by these main reasons; a) Moisture b) Higher PH (4.2+) c) High sugar levels d) Insufficient Lactic acid e) Poor silage management f) Aerobic conditions g) High Volatile Fatty Acids including Acetic, Butyric and Clostridial bacteria. Linked to soil contaminants. All forages will […]