Thawing & Preparing Semen for Artificial Insemination?

Sometimes it is the small errors which cost us dearly particularly when it comes to fertility. Many factors affect fertility, but you can do everything right but if the Sperm is dead, it’s dead. Below I have constructed a protocol sheet to work with your Artificial Insemination (A.I.) courses and training you have been on. […]

Lysine – Why? Where? When?

In recent months we have seen tightened pressure on protein supply with certain supermarkets banning both Soya and Palm derivatives. Rape meal supplies being affected by Erith’s lack of production and less wheat and maize distillers in the marketplace. Brewers grains have also been erratic due to COVID. With continued pressure by supermarket contracts on […]

Milk Consumption in Lockdown (The Grocer)

A study published in The Grocer on the 9th November showed how milk and cheese consumption increased during Lockdown. It also demonstrated adjusting consumer tastes which will be a concern for future cow’s milk demand. Although plant-based milk consumption especially in younger age groups increased and over a third of people were willing to switch […]