Big 350 – 350 Miles in 50 Hours Non-Stop

So, we completed our challenge from the Lake District to Devizes in the required time and quite frankly this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  The physical aspect was a challenge but the mental torture of no sleep whilst walking 3.5mph average was even worse.  You saw various sides of […]

US Soya Beans versus Maize Plantations and the Market Effects

Soya has rallied up from £280/t mark to £320/t (31.05.19).  This is predominantly due to the US-China trade wars and the record soya plantations last year.  Surprisingly prices continue to build especially considering Maize plantings being slowed by poor weather (snow & heavy rain).  US farmers typically move from growing Maize to Soya with similar […]

Consider Grazing Your Higher Yield Herds More This Spring

With an increase in milk supply (2.5%+) this March thanks to an early turnout the milk price has reduced for some (i.e. Muller contracts 26.75ppl in April & May). There is an opportunity this spring to cut feed costs further whilst maintaining cow performance and fertility for higher yielding cows. Grass growth has slowed a […]

Red Clover the Protein Jewel in Rotation

Lucerne, Red Clover & White Clover all offer cost effective returns especially where protein supplies are limited/expensive. It is well documented that rotation benefits all soils with different crops having different growing requirements. A typical rotation on a dairy farm is, Grass (4years) -> Maize (1year) -> Wheat (1-2years) -> Grass (4years) Pastures 5years or […]