Methane & the 9% of UK Greenhouse Gases Contributed by Agriculture

Globally, Agriculture is stated to contribute 14% of greenhouse gases.  These include Nitrous Oxide (fertiliser, run off and waste) and Methane.  Methane is x21 as detrimental as CO2. Interestingly British Agriculture is said to contribute 9% of it’s greenhouse gases.  This result is achieved by efficient use of farm waste, better animal feeding, especially ruminant […]

Reducing Methane via Legumes and High-Quality Grass

Following on from my previous article on the role of UK Agriculture on reducing its methane contribution and achieving Carbon Zero, I look to the role of legumes and high-quality grass. Legume? • Peas, Beans, Peanuts, Lentils, Soya Beans, Clover & Lucerne – grown in a pod. • High in protein & carbohydrate but low in […]

It’s All About Drainage!

Milk from forage, forage grown/hectare, healthy soil and removing compaction are all linked especially on heavy soils.  Water is imperative to growth but too much leads to poor root structure and less tonnes grown/ha.  I’ve grown up on a predominantly heavy clay farm at the base of a significant hill, so water table and compaction […]