How Do You Make Decisions?

I have recently completed the first phase of a Savory Institute accredited course on Holistic Management. Although many people associate this with what is often termed “mob-grazing”, the philosophy encompasses a much wider approach to how we make decisions on our farms, in our organisations and at a policy level. Allan Savory has developed his […]

Soil Care After Maize

A relatively early and kind maize harvest has left soils in better shape than last year’s mud bath. However, leaving bare soil over winter is never a good thing as it results in: • Erosion risk • Nutrient leaching • Loss of soil biology due to the absence of living roots The photos show the […]

Fertiliser Safe Storage

The recent horrific event in Lebanon brings the storage of Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser into sharp focus. With a close family member living in Beirut (thankfully unhurt) this has been foremost in my mind recently. Gourad Street, Beirut – 500m from the blast AN has a melting point of 170 0C and decomposes at 210 0C. […]

Dairy Beef Collaboration – Update

Following on from my article in February last year, we now have some data from dairy cross beef animals from several sources. It is too early to draw significant conclusions but at around 16 months old, animals sired by AI bulls are growing faster than those by stock bulls (1.2 kg/ day compared to 1.0 […]