Job Vacancy for Rural Administrator – Sherborne Office

The Sherborne office of The Farm Consultancy Group are looking for an experienced rural administrator to join its consultancy business operating in Dorset and Somerset. The job role includes providing accounts/bookkeeping, V.A.T, payroll, and cattle record services to an existing and expanding client base of farm and rural businesses. An understanding of MTD VAT is […]

Lean Farming – Reduce Waste!

One of the key tools in Lean Farming is identifying waste.  There are eight forms of waste that can be remembered via this acronym: D – defects O – overproduction W – waiting N – non-utilised people, intellect and resources T – transport I – inventory M – motion E – extra processing In this […]

Milk Quality or Litres?

This autumn we are seeing cows with much higher butterfat and protein levels, but reduced milk yields.  A number of clients have queried this wondering if the cows should be milking better, i.e. producing more litres. It is important to remember that as milk quality increases, the energy requirement also increases.  The table below gives […]