Farm Business Incomes Without BPS – What Is Your Plan?

The latest farm business income results have recently been released by DEFRA. They show the average equivalent to “Net Profit” for various farm types. The graph below shows a summary of how the figure is made up for various farm types: The figures show most farm types with a positive income from the agricultural element […]

Investing in Your Land – Drainage

Photo of new drainage system installed on a client’s farm in 2019 which has increased grazing season and also enabled land to be reseeded. Field drainage is something that is not talked about very often but is an essential part of soil management. Good drainage ensures: Improved plant performance: better yields and quality, quicker warming […]

Dry Matter Intakes

It is important to ensure that your cows are eating as much forage as possible and that design faults or lack of space in your feed areas are not limiting the cow’s intake. A lack of space can lead to timid cows and heifers being bullied and prevented from eating until older, more aggressive cows […]

Soil Management

Sustainable soil management is becoming an increasingly important topic for farmers and landowners to consider. It will form part of the up and coming ELM scheme with payments being offered for carbon storage, reducing erosion, preventing flooding and increasing organic matter. The Soil Carbon pool stores more carbon than both the vegetation and atmospheric pools […]