Greenhouse Gas – What a Stink!

There is an increasing interest from both government and the general public about greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Whilst it is unfair to point the finger solely at agriculture as the villain, we do have a role to play in helping to reduce emissions on a national scale. Some businesses will look at having to […]

The Proof of The Changes Are in The Results!

Over the last five years we have been working with one of our clients to improve the milk quality and production efficiency. The table below summarises the improvements achieved over the last five years: The farm has moved to autumn block calving. This allows the cows to be fed as one both winter and summer. […]

Save Time & Money with 5S

5S is one of the tools used in Lean Farming. It is used by Toyota to operate their Just in Time system to ensure people are not wasting time waiting for something or looking for something. 5S refers to the five “S” words used to help create an environment where your team is more productive […]

Grow More Grass with Sulphur

Sulphur is an important element for plant growth and development. It impacts on dry matter yield and protein levels in grass. Sulphur has a close interaction with Nitrogen. The aim should be to have an N:S ratio of 13:1. Most detailed soil analysis will provide you with this information. Sulphur is very mobile within the […]