Covers on Manure Stores

Around 11% of total agricultural ammonia emission in the UK occurs during manure storage.  The value of this loss is around £15 million per year.  Installing a cover can help to reduce losses of nitrogen as ammonia and help prevent dilution from rain water.  If proposals in Defra’s Clean Air Strategy 2018 are adopted, covers […]


With the dry weather and no site of rain, it is hard to see how outwintering crops can be grown successfully this year.  Kale planted in May has not really grown and is patchy at best.  Stubble turnips require around 12 weeks to grow a reasonable crop, assuming there is some moisture, so would need […]

Sward Repair

With the recent wet and snowy weather behind us now (hopefully), attention needs to focus on repairing damaged swards.  Damaged swards can produce >20% less dry matter in a year compared to a sward in good health.  Repairing may require a full reseed, but often over seeding or direct drilling can be just as effective. […]

Fresh Start

No, this is not a new energy drink or breakfast cereal, it is an initiative that has been set up to help put land owners, who no longer want to actively farm, together with farmers or new entrants who want to start farming.  The aim is to act as a “dating agency” for both sides […]