Can You Afford to Retire?

When planning succession and your future it is essential to understand what levels of income all parties will require to ensure the business can support each individual’s plan. A key part to this is planning how much you will need to live on in your retirement. Retirement brings with it more free time which can […]

Efficient Use of Slurry

With fertiliser prices rising in excess of 30% compared to last year taking account of slurry and FYM applied to land is even more important to ensure that you do not use more purchase in-organic fertiliser than you need to. This should be coupled with up-to-date soil samples to ensure you target the slurry and […]

Are Your Feeders Accurate?

I have written about this before, but feel it is prudent to once again remind people to calibrate your in and out parlour feeders. With concentrate prices rising this year by £40 per tonne or more, ensuring that the right volume of concentrates fed is even more essential. Parlour feeders both in and outside will […]

Farm Business Incomes Without BPS – What Is Your Plan?

The latest farm business income results have recently been released by DEFRA. They show the average equivalent to “Net Profit” for various farm types. The graph below shows a summary of how the figure is made up for various farm types: The figures show most farm types with a positive income from the agricultural element […]