Reducing Milk Production without Culling?

As dairy producers are asked to reduce milk production due to Covid 19 and the spring flush, culling cows could be seen as taking the easy route shorter term. This will have longer term lower production implications for the herd and cause a bigger drop in cow prices short term. Considering a combination of the […]

Are You Realising the Full Potential of Your Heifers?

Proper growth of dairy heifers from weaning until 6 to 8 months of age directly impacts future milk production and the profitability of your dairy business. This potentially could be as much as 15% loss in production. For example – Potential Heifer Lactation = 7500 litres, a 15% loss = 1125 litres -At 28 ppl […]

Four on Farm Areas That Can Help Reduce Lameness

1. Farm Hygiene The environment is very important, especially when it comes to lameness. Keeping the cow housing cleaned in between milking helps keep the cows’ environment cleaner to help reduce the spread of lameness. Cleaning cubicles and scraping alleyways every time the cows leave their area, providing ample bedding in the stalls helps cows […]

Identify Early Reabsorption with These Five Easy Steps

Every producer knows that dreaded feeling when you find a cow who once was pregnant suddenly shows up as “open.”  Not only is this a discouraging feeling, but the loss of pregnancy can snowball into having a financial impact too. Losses come from reduced milk production, an increase in cull rates, an increase in semen […]