Small Scale On Farm Anerobic Digestion

In my previous working life, I had the pleasure of managing 2 demonstration Anerobic Digesters (AD). I became very passionate about the whole concept of using cow slurry to produce methane gas that could fuel a Combined Heat & Power unit (CHP) and also a gas boiler. Farmers who are committed to AD get a […]

How Important is Rumen pH?

Rumen pH is critical for cow health and milk production. Feeding a balanced ration throughout the twenty-four-hour period will keep rumen pH constant. Fibre is one of the main sources for good rumen health, but it is a very complex carbohydrate, and its digestion is totally reliant on source. The amount and rate of digestion […]

Taking The Hassle & Worry Out Of An Organic Certification

Recently I have been working with one of my clients, completing their Organic Inspection. Due to Covid 19 regulations, Organic inspections are being carried out remotely via the internet and slightly different to the Red Tractor Inspections. In this case there was not a ‘’Virtual Farm Assessment.’’ The Certification Officer sent out multiple attachments via […]