Consultation on Future Agricultural Policy – Health and Harmony

It is very important all involved in the agricultural industry, whether farmers, or part of the allied industry, make their voice heard in response to Health and Harmony, the future for food farming the environment in a green Brexit.  You can read a summary of the information available on the NFU website, or please contact […]

Environment Agency Inspections

In recent weeks and months, we have seen a rise in the number of farm inspections by the Environment Agency, particularly in targeted areas.  As an office, we have recently been successful in working with our clients and Hafren Water to appeal against NVZ designations and have had most of our appeals awarded.  Interestingly, the […]

Keep Bedding Costs Under Control

Many farms are finding themselves short of straw with yields, in particular on late harvested crops, being some 30-40% down on expectations.  With prices of straw looking to rise sharply over coming months, now is a good time to look at bedding strategies and whether there are alternatives to using straw at high cost. Many […]

Successful Farm Tendering

In the White Avon office, we have recently been very successful in tendering for several farms for our clients, including three quite high-profile Farm Business Tenancies with very different situations. A common theme amongst the three tenders, was that they didn’t all go to the highest bidder, or the one paying the so called, market […]