Ostertagiosis Warning

Cattle keepers should be aware of the current high risk of Ostertagiosis Type 1 in youngstock.  A number of incidences have been reported in Wales in recent weeks. Ostertagia is an intestinal parasite which attacks the abomasum of younger cattle; animals which are most prone to the disease are those in their first grazing season.  […]

Do Your Grass Leys Suit Your Farm?

Typically, the grass-seed mixtures used on farms are very similar and are predominantly made up of three or four different grass species.  Very little consideration is given to using alternative grass species or specific grass mixtures to match the farming system you operate or other variables such as soil type, stocking rate etc. Is your […]

Young People into Agriculture Scheme

The Welsh Government has recently confirmed that a new scheme, namely Young People into Agriculture Scheme, will open in April and follow on from the highly successful Young Entrants into Agriculture scheme which ran from 2010 to 2015. The scheme is designed to assist high-achieving young farmers (under the age of 40 at 1st of […]

Heavy Soils and High Rainfall

A large proportion of the clients that we deal with manage heavy land.  These farms typically have high annual rainfall.  The last six months (August 2017 – January 2018) has seen remarkably high rainfall at 968mm, as summarised in the table below; * Rainfall data for Carmarthen Town. ** Rain days are determined by precipitation […]