Key Man Cover

I have recently had a spell of ill health which has seen numerous trips to the hospital, although fully recovered now it had highlighted an area that we discuss with clients on an on-going basis but had not dealt with in the office.  Businesses relay on the efforts of expertise of people and what happens […]

Water Abstraction Licences

With the continued dry weather, it is perhaps more important than ever to ensure you have the required abstraction license if needed as outlined below. The requirements are: • You must have a licence from the Environment Agency to take (abstract) more than 20 cubic metres (4,400 gallons) of water, from an inland or underground […]

Recent Planning Success

Recently the Gloucester office of the Farm Consultancy Group achieved a positive planning result in a contentious case that we had taken to committee.  The business applying for the agricultural tied house is based in the Cotswolds with only 30 acres of owned land, 200 acres of rented land on a mixture of short term […]