Big Potential Tax Savings for Farming Companies?

A little-known tax relief on Research & Development(R&D) called R&D Tax credits was only claimed by 400 farms in 2018. R & D is defined by HMRC as a scientific or technical advance within a company achieved by overcoming uncertainty that’s not readily obvious to a competent professional. The tax relief is worth between £2,500-£3,300 […]

Successful Succession – Dan Knight (Evolution ABS)

Having experienced a number of different challenges over recent months, many of us are thinking about our families and plans for the future. There has been a lot of reflection regarding succession planning, which can be an emotive subject and one where it is difficult to know where to start. As a tax advisor, I […]

Zooming Good Training

One of the functions of The Farm Consultancy Group (FCG) is to provide group training for 25 consultants and rural business professionals every 6-8 weeks. Pre Covid 19 we would meet for a day centrally in England and invite external experts or use within FCG colleagues to provide updates and training. This is a key […]

New Employee & Worker Right

Employment law was updated in April. Up to April 2020, employees who have been continuously employed for more than one month must have been provided with a written contract of employment within two months of employment commencing. From 6 April 2020, all new employees and workers will have the right to a contract of employment […]