Assessing Cow Rumen Efficiency – Andrew Jones

I recently ran a Cow Signals training course, with a supplier, for some of our clients.  Improving rumen function was an area much covered and here are some tips and guidelines learned on the day. The rumen is nearly one third of the size of a cow and provides roughly two thirds of her daily […]

Improving Milk Lactose Levels – Andrew Jones

With milk suppliers now beginning to monitor and report on milk Lactose levels what does this mean, what should the levels be and how can I improve it? Lactose can tell us a lot about the energy status of the cow and particularly the levels of glucogenic energy in the diet.  Glucose is essential for […]

Is NZ Dairying Losing it’s Way?

Having just returned from a three-week study tour to NZ dairy farms, I was surprised at the amount of supplementary feeding being made of PK and maize to spring calving cows to boost production per cow, especially as there was an abundance of grass about. NZ farmers have had a difficult 2017 weather-wise, experiencing a […]