£150/Cow Extra Profit in 75 Days!

If you were given a 2ppl milk price increase and could pocket the annual cashflow benefit in the first three months, would you be interested? This is what one of my clients did this spring by turning his 7500 Litre autumn calved herd out to grass one month earlier. It wasn’t a matter of just […]

Beware Agri-Inflation

What a difference a year makes! There was much uncertainty in the agri commodity markets last year as the world had entered lockdown. Now we are emerging with record high beef (+25%) and lamb prices (+33%), raising dairy (+10%) and arable crop prices (+30%). Negative interest rates have been talked about much in the last […]

Feeding Fresh Calved Cows Updates – Andrew Jones

Over the past month I have come across new articles regarding the feeding of transition / fresh cows and the better source of protein & carbohydrates for both, that I thought were worth sharing. The first was a Canadian article regarding the feeding of rape (canola) meal, compared to soya bean meal, to early lactation […]

Stop And Think!

You can’t force yourself to think faster. If you try, you’re likely to end up making much worse decisions. As your business grows you get further away from the machinery or the animals and you are managing the business, lots of information and people. Your day probably consists of trying to make the right choices […]