A Tale of Dairy Systems

Most dairy farmers/experts think that the system of milk production that they favour or in which they are involved is the most profitable dairy system.  Answer:  They are all wrong!  All dairy systems, be it once a day milking or three times a day milking; all year round or block calving; be it 10,000 litres/cow […]

Dairy Show Stand

FCG had a very busy and successful day at the Dairy Show in Shepton Mallet on 3rd October 2018.  It is the first time that FCG have had a stand at the show and hopefully there will be many more.  We met lots of our existing customers as well as potentially new customers. In this […]

Under Pressure?

Is this the winter to carry less cows in your buildings?  Too often as consultants, we see farmers strive to increase output by carrying more cows and maximising all their assets, whether it is bulk tank, cubicles, silage clamps etc, but all too often in adverse weather, market price changes or calving pattern shifts, one […]

It’s All About People!

The above statement was the answer by a host dairy farmer visited on a recent discussion group trip, when asked about the difference in youngstock rearing performance between his four dairy herds. He said that the biggest risk to a disease outbreak (he was referring to Johne’s) was the personnel on the ground managing the […]