Less Cows, Less Stress, More Profit!

The above statement doesn’t seem logical but quite often is true in the context of over stocked buildings, farms or land. We see more problems where farms are overstocked causing cashflow problems, livestock health issues, labour efficiency and retention issues and the hidden livestock productivity losses. Very often we see dairy farmers sell 5% of […]

Whiteboard vs WhatsApp?

Recently we had an introductory training session on LEAN management system as part of our FCG training programme. The use of the whiteboard is a key tool in the LEAN system to facilitate the culture of problem solving within the team. The whiteboard acts as the focus for the team to implement and manage change […]

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish!

We all have lots of goals to achieve different things in our lives, but how many do we actually achieve? When we meet a potential new customer initially , one of the first things we talk about is their goals for the business and where they see themselves and their business in 5-10 years’ time. […]

“The Best Money I Have Spent in A While!”

It is nice to get praise or a compliment from a satisfied customer for a job well done. When one is given the height of praise you have to prick your ears. The praise was not for me, but for ex-agricultural bank manager Ed Warren who has been working for the Sherborne office for the […]