Time to Fix Interest Rates?

I am sure that many of you will have fixed part of your term loans at some time. Interest rates remain extremely low and there has been talk of a further base rate cut. If you are considering fixing, make sure you are fully aware of the cost, especially if you want to repay borrowing […]

Are Interest Rates Changing?

Whilst we have no signs of a move in base rate everyone seems very relaxed.  However, it is not quite as simple as that.  Are lenders likely to increase their margins on future deals?  The market remains reasonably competitive and I notice variations in pricing on each deal I look at.  However, nothing is set […]

Serviceability is the Key

No matter what you are looking to borrow money for, proving your farm businesses’ ability to afford repayments remains the key driver to getting the finance.  Few farmers seem to be fully aware that this must be a tick in the box for the lender before proceeding.  Is your overdraft increasing or are you struggling […]

Alternative Finance Solutions

As a broker of finance, we don’t just deal with mainstream banking as we get asked to finance the unfinanceable sometimes and we need to be creative.  One such situation presented itself recently where a landowner who is heavily borrowed is looking to get planning permission to develop a plot of land into residential properties.  […]