Is Your Business Too Leader-Centric?

Most of our clients are family farms where the business structures are often leader-centric where the principle ‘farmer’ instructs and tells staff what to do and is the key decision maker. This common structure and instructing process may appear to be quick and simple to implement, however it can cause the following issues: • Overdependence […]

Cost Control During Milk Price Volatility

With uncertainty in milk prices and some milk buyers delaying payment or opting for A & B type pricing mechanisms, 2020 will be a season where dairy farmers will again have to focus on cost control and cash flow management. Below are 6 basic points to focus on: 1. Complete a cash flow and allocate […]

Preparing Cash Flows

Below are key points when completing the above Cash Flow. • Don’t procrastinate. Do it early in the season – it is better to complete a cash flow ahead of a milk price drop. Leaving a cash flow to deteriorate will simply cause unnecessary stress. • Ask for help in completing the cash flow if […]

Improved Grass Breeding on Dairy Farms

Our office in Carmarthenshire deals predominantly with grass based dairy farmers in West Wales.  We benchmark and review the performance of these businesses with financial and physical KPI’s.  Two common physical KPI’s we use, are litres per ha and per cow from forage.  Both these KPI’s are typically driven by grass Dry Matter production (although […]