VAT Deferral

Under the Government’s Business Support scheme as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a deferral scheme for VAT payments.  Clearly most farmers are recipients of VAT monies, but there may be some amongst you who regularly pay.  The scheme operates until 30th June 2020. If you are a payer of VAT, you will […]

Good Time to Buy?

The pandemic has caused markets to yo-yo madly, caused businesses that were sound in February to collapse, and sparked redundancies world-wide. The economic and social pain is huge. Some businesses are finding a very bright silver lining (supermarkets, manufacturers of hand sanitiser and ventilators, and so on) but most are just treading water, at best. […]

Farmgate Milk Prices (Defra/AHDB Dairy)

Defra and AHDB publish the monthly ‘farmgate milk price’, summarised above. The peak monthly price reached recently was 31.59ppl in November 2018. To assist in conservative business planning and investment appraisal, I feel that the five-year rolling milk price must always be the most important figure to consider. If you look at milk prices over […]

Carbon Accounting

In our most recent FCG training session, we were pleased to be addressed by Becky Wilson of the charity that supplies the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit. Currently, UK agriculture produces around 45.6MT equivalent pa. of CO2. This is around 9% of the UK total. The NFU has been leading from the front with its aim […]