Another Success

Working with an architect, who instructed me, I am delighted to say that we have obtained a successful decision from the planners for a third house on a farm to support the operation of an irrigation reservoir. Clearly it is quite a large farm (over 2,000 acres) but nevertheless it is unusual to be able […]

How to Stop the Dairy Farmer Exodus

It continues to be fashionable to exit dairy farming. Ever since I first worked as a farm consultant, the numbers of both all UK farmers and (specifically) dairy farmers has continued to fall. I just hope dairy farming doesn’t go the way of coal-mining in the country, which has now (I hear) ceased completely. We […]

Planning Costs

If an appellant wins a planning appeal, and they feel they have been treated badly by the planning authority, then they can apply for an ‘award of costs’. This is, in effect, treated as a separate appeal by the planning inspector. So, you may win the appeal but lose the claim for costs, or you […]