EU Private Storage Aid

Despite us having left the EU on 1st January, we are still taking advantage of the Private Storage schemes in order to take commodities off the market. At the end of September, the UK had 1,651 tonnes of butter in store, and 3,136 tonnes of cheese stored under the EU’s storage scheme. There was no […]

Forage & Straw Stocks

2019-20, a dry summer followed a wet autumn and a very wet spring, so many producers entered this growing season with negligible stocks of forage. In most parts of the country the weather has been a fickle enemy this year, difficult to predict and difficult to endure. Many desperately needed to rebuild stocks of forage […]

Planning Enforcement

Most farmers will probably never come into contact with planning enforcement, but I have had two new instructions to assist with enforcement cases on farmland in the last couple of weeks. In both cases I have brought in planning consultants as well, so that we can present the best possible arguments at the forthcoming Planning […]

Government Support

The Government’s self-employed support scheme (SEISS) has re-launched, with an end date of 19th October. The good thing about it is that it is a grant, not a loan. Applicants must have been adversely affected by the pandemic since 14th July. While this may not affect many dairy farmers, it may well be applicable to […]