UK Milk Production

The table below shows that for the month of January 2016, we were producing more milk than in January 2015. It also shows that we have produced more milk in the period from April 2015 than in the corresponding period from April 2014, by 3.28%. This is of no surprise to anyone, as the weather […]

A and B Milk Pricing

We are seeing an increasing number of milk buyers introducing some form of A and B milk pricing. This allows them to manage supply and demand in their own markets, to an extent. It can be seen as an artificial “quota” of its own. It certainly allows them to reduce or even eliminate any risk […]

Heavy Production and Heavy Pain

As has been widely reported, the issue of high production is not one restricted to the UK. For the period January to October 2015, the EU has produced 1.8% more milk than the same period in 2014. When we look at the data from further afield, Australian milk production has increased by 2% in the […]

Keep In Contact With Your Bank

This is perhaps the simplest tip to businesses of all. Every now and then, send your bank manager a quick email regarding progress (or otherwise) on the farm. If actual versus budget data is available, send the bank a summary of this too. Of course, they may have demanded it from you anyway, as part […]