Marketing Milk: What You Can Do?

A great example of “producer power” was exhibited on the Radio 4 programme ‘Farming Today’, one morning in late May. A tenant farmer from Cornwall, Sylvia Crocker, had written to her local Tesco, asking why one pint cartons of milk are not on sale adjacent to the sandwiches, while cans of fizzy drinks are. She […]

FCG Training: Insolvency

In a recent training course, we had a session on insolvency. This is a very technical and difficult subject, but it need not be as negative as it sounds. It can be a way of escaping from some troublesome debts, and so it can be a solution to current difficult problems. It is usually better […]

Farm Business Options Review

Every business will, on occasions, face a crossroads. What is the right road to take for the sake of the survival and prosperity of the business, the sake of the sanity of the principals of the business,  and which satisfies the investors and/or bankers? Currently, like many other farm consultants nationwide, I am coming across […]

Banking and “Special Measures”

Has your bank manager put you into “special measures”? If you have found yourself treated like this by your bank, then you are not alone. For instance, a new client of mine has just had a visit from his “special measures” bank manager, who told him that this time a year ago he had no […]