Forward Market Performance

In September, AHDB Dairy launched a new milk price indicator termed “Forward Market Performance”, or FMP.  This is their market indicator which tracks the difference between current market prices and prices of the small amount of dairy product traded on futures contracts.   So these figures must be treated with great care. FMP indicates that the […]

AOC Removal

The removal of an Agricultural Occupancy Clause (AOC) on a rural dwelling can be granted by a local planning authority (LPA) in a limited range of circumstances.  From the applicant’s viewpoint, it can mean the redundancy of an asset (a tied dwelling) can be reversed, and of course a large rise in the value of […]

Milk Futures Market

Two new ventures have been publicised in the last few weeks that may help dairy farmers take some of the risk out of selling milk onto a volatile commodity market.  One has been launched by Woodcocks Dairy, a family dairy farm and milk buyer in Lancashire.  They have been established for a long time and […]


The issue of farmers being placed in “special measures” (or “business support” as banks prefer to call it) has been a hot topic of late.  Knowing that your bank has placed you on the financial naughty step is cause for huge stress on a farm business, in addition to the financial and other pressures that […]