Expert Witness

I have just finished an Expert Witness report for a dairy farm, where allegedly negligent advice was given in the growing of maize for silage.  This affected cow health and milk production subsequently. But the point I am raising here is one about comprehension.  I have received an email from the instructing barrister (via the […]

Does Size Matter?

You may have seen the article in Cow Management written by Rachael Porter, quoting me on scale of dairy units.  As Rachael asked; “is big really better when looking to future-proof your business?” The answer is rarely simple, of course, and the answer will be different for each farmer.  As consultants, we see some very […]

Brain Storming

In last month’s Newsletter I mentioned that I was shortly to visit a client, where the farmer and his wife had asked me to conduct a brain storming session.  Well it wasn’t traditional brain-storming as I know it, where one allocates the first few minutes of a meeting to everyone throwing any ideas, however mad, […]

Brain Storming

I have just been asked by a client to conduct a brainstorming session for them.  It is not a business that I know particularly well, although I have done a small amount of work for them in the recent past.  What they want is for an independent and critical outsider to come in and to […]