Planning and Economic Sustainability

One of the few arguments that can be put forward to justify a development in the open countryside (even in the green belt) is for the ‘reasonable needs’ of an agricultural enterprise. This is because most development outside existing settlements is, by definition, ‘inappropriate’. So buildings for agriculture and forestry will frequently be regarded more […]

Brexit – How Prepared Are You?

While most readers of this newsletter are not directly involved in imports from or exports to the EU, the possibility of a ‘no deal’ Brexit is still very alarming to many. You may not have to worry about foreign workers or exporting animals, but have you got good stocks of all your farm requisites? Who […]

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme

The third round of the CPSG scheme was launched earlier this month, with a closing date of 4th November. Claims must be made for the funds by 31st March 2021. It is all being paid by standard costs, not quotations. As with all grants, don’t just buy something because there is a grant there – […]

Planning Conditions

Very often I find that a planning permission comes with significant ‘Conditions’. As the word suggests, the existence of the planning permission depends entirely on the applicant fulfilling the requirements of the LPA – the ‘conditions’. Frequently they are fairly innocuous, but sometimes they can be completely infuriating. There is often little you can do […]