FCG Accounting and Farm Accounts

Our Farm Accounts software goes from strength to strength. If good reports from your present accounts system (including automatic Comparable Dairy Farm Profit calculations on a monthly basis) are not available to you, contact us urgently. Our Farm Accounts software can produce this for you monthly, very easily. You can have the software on your […]

New Cross-Compliance Rules Published

Defra has produced new rules for 2021 on cross-compliance for England. They aim to provide a simpler and less punitive regime. More reliance on warning letters is to be taken, with a less stringent application of fines and similar penalties. I have had a very swift look through it, and all the GAECs and SMRs […]

Selecting Good Grazers

A recent article in Cow Management got me thinking. It was discussing whether one can select cows to breed from for traits such as eating lots of grazed grass, which of course is the cheapest food for a dairy cow. Plainly, it is not a factor that can be selected for at the moment. While […]