HMRC and VAT Obligations

Most people running VAT registered businesses will, by now, have submitted at least one VAT return digitally.  We are all getting very used to the new system. However, HMRC are still making life difficult for some VAT registered businesses.  For instance, we are finding some clients who are having problems when trying to ‘retrieve an […]

FCG Summer Tour

Every year we have a short summer study tour.  This year we went to Suffolk & Norfolk and saw a number of fascinating farms (and I admit, a whisky distillery – it wasn’t all work).  We spent an excellent morning at the Euston Estate, where we saw how the management team (led by Andrew Blenkiron) […]

Landlord’s Insurance – Loophole?

Many farmers and rural business owners have surplus properties that they rent out.  Some have made it a substantial part of their business portfolio.  However, it appears that people who rent out property may not be insured for ‘illegal activities.’  After all, it isn’t usually at the top of our minds as small landlords.  Indeed, […]


I operate a buying service for electricity, called “Powerbuy”.  I recently changed the service provider I use, as I wasn’t confident in the previous operator’s level of efficiency, including for my own electricity supply(!).  They have already proved their worth, and almost all the clients that I have put to them (with just one exception) […]