Farm Safety

At a recent FCG training meeting, our colleague Cari Beard spoke to us on farm safety.  I want to highlight one crucial point.  Every employer has to have a Health & Safety policy – no ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’. If you have 5 or more staff, it has to be written down.  By implication, if […]

Brexit Preparations?

Last month I referred to potential shortages as a result of a possible ‘no deal’ Brexit.  I suggested that all farm businesses should ensure that they have adequate supplies of anything that could possibly be subject to delays in delivery, in the period after 31st October.  Prepare well.  You cannot prepare for the disastrous consequences […]

Brexit Preparations

What can the average person and the average small business – including farms – do to prepare for a no-deal, hard Brexit?  The answer is – not a lot.  As dairy farmers, you cannot suddenly alter your milk production quantity or quality, even if you wanted to.  You cannot suddenly change milk buyer. Neither can […]

Farmgate Milk Prices, (Defra/AHDB Dairy)

Defra and AHDB publish the farmgate milk price on a monthly basis.  The peak monthly price reached recently was 31.59ppl last November 2018.  However, for business planning and investment appraisal, I always regard the five-year rolling milk price as the most important figure to consider. As I predicted, this five-year figure has now fallen below […]