Planning Permission and Time Limits

One issue that anyone with an existing planning permission needs to bear in mind is actually starting it. Planning permission usually comes with a three-year time limit for beginning the works. With the lockdown, there is now a real possibility that you will not be able to implement the permission in time. The risk is […]

How to Treat Your Lender in a Difficult Time

There are many tales around of lenders taking calls from their borrowers asking for mortgage ‘holidays’, in the face of the pandemic. However, it is also clear that many of these applicants are not raising legitimate concerns, purely as a result of Covid 19. It is particularly the case that it can play out badly […]

VAT Deferral

Under the Government’s Business Support scheme as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a deferral scheme for VAT payments.  Clearly most farmers are recipients of VAT monies, but there may be some amongst you who regularly pay.  The scheme operates until 30th June 2020. If you are a payer of VAT, you will […]

Good Time to Buy?

The pandemic has caused markets to yo-yo madly, caused businesses that were sound in February to collapse, and sparked redundancies world-wide. The economic and social pain is huge. Some businesses are finding a very bright silver lining (supermarkets, manufacturers of hand sanitiser and ventilators, and so on) but most are just treading water, at best. […]