Planning Appeal Success

Early in the morning of 25th July I had a call from the planning consultant I was working with on a planning appeal hearing due to take place that day.  Had I heard about the new NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework)?  No, I hadn’t.  I was aware one was due, but its arrival late the […]

Drought Planning

This season’s very difficult weather will leave many producers short of forage for this winter.  It is not something to leave for later.  A plan must be hatched.  It is generally easier to calculate it in dry matter (DM) terms, as it is easier to work everything out.  (I recently had to explain this to […]

Brexit Ruminations

I heard a correspondent on Radio 4 this week say that there are now 14 different factions in Parliament in terms of their attitude and aims for the Brexit negotiations.  Given that range of views, and the strength of feeling behind them, it is hard to see any type of Brexit that is going to […]

Forward Market Performance

Forward Market Performance (FMP) is AHDB’s market indicator for future milk prices.  The table below suggests that the milk price trend is now looking good, not only for the late summer, but into the autumn as well.  Price moves upwards for the summer were predicted by this table a few months ago. While the actual […]