Severn Trent Grants

The water company, Severn Trent, operates a system of grant funding, which they hope will encourage water users to reduce diffuse pollution in water courses, and to make environmental improvements.  Applicants have to be in one of their priority catchment areas to be eligible. The maximum grant available is £5,000, which at a rate of […]

Forage Costs

We have had recent debates on forage costs in our FCG email group.  Sentiment seems to be that grass silage costs a farmer around £28 to £31 per tonne (fresh weight, at 28%DM) to make.  Maize silage costs around £33 to £35 per tonne to make.  Of course, there are many variables that can affect […]

Planning Conditions

The list of ‘conditions’ attached to a planning permission can sometimes appear extremely onerous. Occasionally they are unreasonable.  Planning authorities are supposed to take great care to make them workable in any particular situation.  However, they are frequently prone to be difficult, particularly if they were very reluctant to grant planning consent in the first […]

Making Tax Digital

FCG has an associate company that produces accounting software, called Farm Accounts, specifically designed for farms and their diversified enterprises.  We have now been informed that our software supplier has successfully passed the tests required to allow our Farm Accounts software to be fully MVD compliant. Final testing is now under way, so that we […]