Planning Permission Success

Generally, I assist farmers in getting planning permission for new farm buildings and houses on their land, but occasionally I am asked to help remove an Agricultural Occupation Clause (AOC) from a house on their property. I have recently assisted two ex-farmers do this on two separate properties, that just happen to be in the […]

Enforcement Success

An enquiry or visit from a local authority Enforcement Officer can herald the arrival of all sorts of planning trouble. Frequently, they start with a formal request for information on what you are doing on your land, often using a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) to gain more information. You are compelled to complete this. You […]

Cross-Fertilisation of Ideas

One of the main reasons why members of FCG value the Farm Consultancy Group so much is the opportunity to share ideas, to debate various aspects of farm management, and to learn from each other’s experiences and skills. We operate our own practices under the umbrella of FCG. Despite many of us having many years […]