Business Briefing May 2016

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group’s May 2016 edition of the Business Briefing Newsletter.  In this month’s issue topics include Banking, special measures and reviewing your business options, farm machinery costs, cover crops and fertiliser application following first cut.   Has your bank manager put you into “special measures”? If you have found yourself treated like this by […]

Why Are You Doing That Today?

The well known saying about the difference between and good farmer and bad farmer being…’a week’…will always hold true. Over the last 2 years the benchmarking we have done has highlighted a 6ppl difference in profit between client farms. Yes, there was a 3ppl difference in milk price, but the most profitable are rarely paid […]

Business Briefing April 2016

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group’s April 2016 edition of the Business Briefing Newsletter.  In this issue topics include an update on Countrywide Stewardship, UK milk production and useful management advise on making informed decisions and checking your BPS claim statements.  In the current agricultural economic climate decisions have to be taken with minimal risk. There is […]

Spring Grazing of Autumn Growth

How do we deal with all this Autumn growth? How quickly should we (will we) get around the grazing and what will be here for the next grazing? At a recent discussion group meeting the decision on how hard to graze an autumn calving cow was considered and the above were the main points that […]