Common Themes from CFP Feedback Meeting

At a recent dairy discussion group Comparable Farm Profit (CFP) feedback meeting, several common issues where highlighted by the 16 businesses involved when they were setting their targets for 2018/19. Across the board 2017/18 has seen their overall margins improve on the previous year, both with better control of their costs but also the obvious […]

Colostrum Management

Working with a spring calving dairy client recently, the importance of colostrum management has become a major focus on farm due to increased health issues in new born calves.  In previous years, the farm has relied on calves sucking dams to receive their required amount of colostrum to build up immunity (3l within 2 hrs).  […]

Separating Genetic Potential from Management Effect

As market conditions, weather, management choices and milk contracts change, it becomes increasingly important to ensure your breeding decisions meet your farms’ needs.  Both the main dairy breeding indexes in the UK (Profitable Lifetime Index – £PLI and Spring Calving Index – £SCI) are well established and strive to promote strong health traits; however, it […]