I included a brief article about asbestos management in the last newsletter, pointing out that it is up to all managers to have an “asbestos management plan” in place on all non-domestic properties, if built before 2000.  This plan is a requirement – even if you do not currently intend to make any alterations at all.

I know of one client so far who has picked up on this, and had a plan prepared by a specialist firm.  It cost him the relatively small sum of £775, which covered ranges of buildings at two locations.  The report states that: “Not surprisingly there are a number of asbestos items present at both sites, the good news is that none of them are licensed materials, but some are in a poor state of repair.  Providing they are monitored regularly, and debris cleared carefully wearing suitable RPE they are all ok to remain until you decide otherwise (e.g. refurbishments).”

The farmer will now be able to demonstrate good practice, both to the Health and Safety fraternity, and to all his staff.  As asbestos is a silent killer and is responsible for ending the lives of 4500 – 5000 people per annum, this must be a good thing.

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