Are You Meeting NVZ Rules?

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) rules are part of cross compliance requirements, inspected by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). NVZ rules must be met to qualify for full payments of:

• Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)
• Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) schemes such as, Countryside Stewardship and Countryside Productivity

To comply, you need to be producing records such as:

• Storage planning for slurry and poultry manure
o Ensuring you have enough capacity for closed periods
• Application records for both organic manures and manufactured fertilisers
• N-Max limits
o Ensuring you are aware of the limits for average amount of Nitrogen that can be applied to crops each year

We can help you produce these records and reduce the risk of penalty. Why not take the hassle and worry away by contacting Emily at , or your local FCG Office for further help.

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