Are You Making the Most of your Milk Recording Data? – Andrew Jones

With the current social distancing measures in place and Vets recommending that their members only see animals on an emergency basis, is now the time to be maximising the use of the data you have available from your milk recording?

Milk recording companies are still offering a full service with maybe more people are having to DIY the recording to allow for social distancing. As well as yields, fats, proteins & SCC your recordings, can you do much more? You can pregnancy test via your milk recording and as Vets aren’t available for routine testing, is this the perfect time to give this service a go?

With limited access to Vets and many feed advisors either not visiting or limiting their visits on farm now might be a good time to be using the data that is being processed every time you milk record. There are some nutritionists (myself included), that know how to take the raw data (just a big excel file) and manipulate it to be able to show you the health of your herd without actually looking at your cows.

It can highlight, for example, how effective any feeding of C16 is in the diet – so showing any potential loss from over feeding, loss of fat from foot pad – so highlighting not just BCS loss but also some forms of lameness, levels of saturated and unsaturated fats. This is important depending on your milk contract and rumen function. It shows how well the rumen is performing and how this can be affecting your milk solids production.

The above, in combination with video calls and whatsapp video clips of livestock feed etc. should ensure your livestock can still be rationed and managed to the optimum.

Contact Andrew at or your local FCG Consultant on interpreting your milk records data.  It’s just making better use of a service for which you are already paying.

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