ARE COWS, MILK AND THE DAIRY INDUSTRY YOUR PASSION? If so, why not consider applying for a dairy scholarship?






Every year the Trehane Trust sponsors dairy-related scholarships through the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust. They provide an opportunity for anyone aged between 22 and 45 years old and involved in any part of the dairy supply chain to study a dairy related subject at home or overseas, or a combination of both.

Most Trehane scholars will tell you that as a result of their scholarship – their travels, their study and the overall experience – that they became more confident, and ambitious. Also, that they have benefitted from the network of Nuffield friends and colleagues in the UK and overseas. This has helped them progress their own careers and, very often, their contribution to the wider dairy industry.

Trehane wants to encourage more dairy scholar applicants. There are no entry qualifications, just a passion and enthusiasm for the dairy industry are required. About 60% of Trehane scholars will be from practical dairy farming backgrounds, with other successful scholars coming from the wider supply chain and related professions.

While you might have an idea of the subject you’d like to look at in more depth, some past scholars have found this a stumbling block and have welcomed direction. At a recent Trehane meeting we asked past scholars for a few ideas that might whet your appetite and tempt to you to apply. These include:

• Integrating developments in animal welfare into the practical dairy farm
• Agroforestry – can we graze through a forest?
• Dairy’s role in climate change, carbon emissions, reducing the carbon footprint
• The perfect dairy farm – is there such a thing and how do we achieve it?
• Promoting dairy to the consumer – how to communicate the positives of dairy
• Upskilling the dairy business and the opportunities for new entrants
• A licence to farm – how do we prepare for upcoming likely legislation?
• Understanding the opposition – eg dairy alternatives
• Reducing resource waste in dairy through better welfare and efficient production
• Diversification and localism
• The supply chain – marketing and innovative product development.
• Training requirements on our modern dairy farms
• Succession; successfully planning now
• Future leadership for the dairy industry – what makes a leader?
• Relationship between farmers and politicians (not specific to dairy but generally)
• Mineral loop in UK agriculture
• How to build a dairy co-operative

This isn’t an exclusive or exhaustive list, and we’re very keen to help you develop any area you are particularly keen to explore.

The Nuffield Farming Scholarship awards around 20 scholarships a year to applicants with a background in farming, food, horticultural and rural industries. Most of these are sponsored by national or regional organisations such as the Trehane Trust.

Help is provided with application forms, and pre-scholar briefings and a scholar conference take place each year. Individual studies should be spread over eight weeks, but this doesn’t need to be all at once and can be in blocks to suit your situation.

Each award is worth up to £12,000. Around £7,000 is awarded for the study tour, and up to £5,000 is allocated to covering expenses associated with the training, briefing and conference opportunities.

We also encourage new or potential new scholars to join in with our dairy study tour and other meetings.

We trust you are tempted to have a closer look at this fantastic opportunity. Please do have a chat to a past scholar or to me, Diana Allen, on 07971 119128. And do look at the Nuffield website:

The closing date for 2020 applications is July 31, 2020.

Yours sincerely

Diana Allen
Chair: Trehane Trust
Tel: 07971 119128
E mail:


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