Another Success

Working with an architect, who instructed me, I am delighted to say that we have obtained a successful decision from the planners for a third house on a farm to support the operation of an irrigation reservoir. Clearly it is quite a large farm (over 2,000 acres) but nevertheless it is unusual to be able to justify a case for an ‘essential needs’ dwelling where the numbers of livestock on the farm are negligible.

In this case we were able to prove that irrigation of the crops is crucial to their yields, that filling of the reservoir is a task that necessitates regular monitoring, and (most importantly) that the case we put forward is sound.

The planning authority wanted the farmer to pay for them to have their own consultants to assess the case. I advised our client to refuse to pay, which they did. So, the planning authority did not instruct them! A sound and sensible result has been achieved for all concerned.

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