Another Planning Success

I assisted a client obtain a temporary dwelling on a small-holding in Warwickshire three years ago.  It had been vigorously objected to by the local planning officers and recommended for refusal.  I managed to get it heard by the planning committee, where our representations resulted in a vote for approval, but only by one vote – the casting vote of the chairman.  This gave the applicants three years to get their fledgling business up and running.

So, I anticipated a further battle for the permanent dwelling when the application was submitted in December.  However, the business has grown more than was planned, and is profitable, and the Council’s consultant is happy with its progress.  This was despite objections from the planning officers.  The Council’s consultant is himself a retired Council land agent, so has lots of experience of such cases.

It just proves that if a case is presented correctly, success can be achieved even if the holding comprises just 8 acres, as is the situation here.  The business can now operate permanently as they hoped and intended, and their family Net Worth has been greatly enhanced.  And all on a tiny land parcel of land at around 8 acres.  What could you do with an appropriately sited parcel of land and a good business idea?

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