Milk Ureas

Milk urea can give you a guide to whether the forage element of your diet is balanced.  The chart below gives you a guide to how fodder can impact on milk urea and subsequently milk qualities for cheese making. • A high protein: low energy ration will lead to high milk urea levels. • A low protein: […]

Company Accounting Changes

Under new regulations for companies known as FRS 105 farmers will be required to provide details of all stock on the farm at the start of the year, movements in and out during the year and stock at the end of the year.  You may think that you do this already, but the new regulation […]

Realistic Budgeting

All too often agreements are being set up or budgets drawn up, that are not being tested in a realistic manner. The optimistic view is generally the one taken and stress testing is not being carried out adequately. When banks look at a proposal they often ask for it to be run at up to […]

Business Briefing August 2016

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group’s August 2016 edition of the Business Briefing Newsletter.  In this month’s issue you will find useful information on realistic budgeting for your business, banking business support and company accounting changes.  In addition there are management tips  on alternative enterprises, reviewing farming agreements and benchmarking and details about the Countyside Stewardship Mid-Tier applications. […]