Salvaging a Difficult Spring

The two graphs below depict how much grass was available for grazing when this 8,000 litre split block calved herd turned out to grass on the 16th April 2018, and where it was three weeks later on the 7th May. Any cover over 3,200kgs is very difficult to get grazed down to 1,700kgs. This herd […]

Managing Nitrogen Applications in Multi-Cut Grass Systems

The three key principles of good silage making are dry matter, sugar and reducing buffering capacity. Fig1. Changes in PH of crops of low and high buffering capacity in first 10days of ensilement (Wilkinson,2005). “The aim of ensilement is to achieve a stable forage between 3.8-4 PH” Multicut silages are an excellent way to provide […]

Countryside Stewardship: 2018 Applications

For those of you who have requested a Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier or Capital Water Grant application pack from Natural England before the deadline of May 31st, you now have two months to put your full application together. This should be plenty of time IF you start planning your application now. Remember that the Capital […]

Forward Market Performance

Forward Market Performance (FMP) is AHDB’s market indicator and suggests in the table below that the milk price trend has now indeed reversed. Price moves upwards from June were predicted by this a couple of months ago, and indeed this is what is now happening in the actual market. Please note that the price in […]