Business Briefing Newsletter March 2018

Welcome to the March edition of the  Farm Consultancy Group  Business Briefing Newsletter.   In this issue the feature article from the Carmarthen office questions do grass leys suiting your farm? plus more topics including shedding gates, milk response to feeding concentrates, BPS 2018, slurry and manure values, a young people into agriculture scheme and an article Australian dairy industry following […]

Do Your Grass Leys Suit Your Farm?

Typically, the grass-seed mixtures used on farms are very similar and are predominantly made up of three or four different grass species.  Very little consideration is given to using alternative grass species or specific grass mixtures to match the farming system you operate or other variables such as soil type, stocking rate etc. Is your […]

Australian Dairy Industry Study Tour

On the surface there are few similarities between farming in the UK and farming in Australia.  However, with the future of subsidies uncertain post-Brexit, and the whole world facing a changing climate, there are lessons to learn from the dairy industry in countries which are already in the midst of these challenges. Victoria’s industry is […]