Business Briefing June 2018

Welcome to the June edition of the Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter.   In this issue you will find articles on Managing Butterfat at Grass, Managing Nitrogen Applications in Multi-Cut Grass Systems, Hedge Trimming Derogations, Countryside Stewardship: 2018 Applications, Forward Market Performance, Future of British Farming and Salvaging a Difficult Spring. Managing Butterfat at Grass – Wesley […]

Managing Butterfat at Grass

Butterfats typically reduce by 0.4% at turnout, with some herds experiencing 1% drops (i.e. 4.4% -> 3.4%). This often results in financial penalties or loss of income through not reaching constituent targets. Butterfat is made up of acetate and butyrate production, with glucose supplying the glycerol requirement. The rumen is made up predominantly of acetate/butyrate […]

Is Your Grass Too High?

Given the late season we have had, which has now been over-taken by dry weather, are you in the position of having grass covers that are too long? Are you struggling to get cows to graze grass down to the recommended 4 – 4.5cm residual when they leave a field? If so, you will not […]

Hedge Trimming Derogations

GAEC 7a – Boundaries; bans the cutting or trimming of hedges/trees between 1st March and 31st August 2018. However, if OSR or temporary grassland will be sown during August 2018, a derogation from this GAEC 7a requirement can be applied for to allow any hedges (or trees) associated with those land parcels to be cut […]