The Cost of Bad Feet

Lameness carries a cost, not just in the cost of treatment but also in the unseen costs of poor fertility, reduced dry matter intake, increase risk to other health problems and drops in milk yield.  It is estimated that conception rates can be reduced by 25% in lame cows and the risk of ovarian follicular […]

Lower Costs/Kg = Higher Profits/Cow (And Vice Versa)

From dairy farmers’ costs of production data to March 2017, in the Wessex area, the attached graph compares costs of production per kg of milk solids vs profit per cow. £3.50/kg milk solids output is equivalent to 26 ppl cost at standard litre.  Again, these costs are comparable for all farms, excluding rent and finance and […]

Cow Yield Doesn’t Affect Profit: Proof

The below graph is a pictorial summary of the comparable farm profits (CFP) of dairy herds in the Wessex area, for the year ending March 2017. The comparable farm profits exclude rent, finance and BPS but include depreciation and a charge for unpaid family labour. Each blue dot on the graph represents a dairy farm’s […]

Business Briefing December 2017

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter for December 2017.  Discussion Is Great – Ed Warren (Sherborne) I have, over the last few months, attended various discussion group meetings on my learning curve with Midwest Consulting.  I am always inspired by the way a group can help individual farms improve what they do.  The […]