Collaboration With Your Vet To Resolve Nutritional Issues

A vet is a useful set of eyes on farm and we have struck up some exciting partnerships with the Farmer, Workforce, Nutritionist, Consultant and Vet. By working as a team, we can work towards profitability and improving health traits. In the previous month’s article, I spoke about water sources and the potential pitfall when […]

New Year – New Resolutions?

2017 – The end of another year and time to take stock. Certainly, volatility is the buzz word in the dairy industry, with milk prices now 10 ppl higher than 12 months ago and talk of prices reducing again in the New Year. How is your business currently positioned to cope with a milk price […]


A report from the European Court of Auditors (ECA) released on 12th December has indicated that greening payments are not leading to environmental improvements. This will not come as much of a surprise to farmers, but it is leading to calls for a radical reform of the way state support is granted to farmers in […]

Milk Urea

Milk urea can give you a guide to whether the forage element of your diet is balanced.  The chart below gives you a guide to how fodder can impact milk urea and, subsequently, milk qualities for cheese making. A high protein: low energy ration will lead to high milk urea levels. A low protein: high […]