Heat Stress – Andrew Jones

Heat stress can be an issue when temperatures exceed the comfort zone (thermo neutral zone) of 25oC, known as the upper critical temperature (UCT). At temperatures above the UCT, cows become highly stressed and use two main control strategies to maintain thermal balance: 1. Increasing heat dispersion, in particular through evaporation, by increasing subcutaneous blood flow […]

Grant Funding: There Is Still Money To Be Had

There is a message coming across from within Government regarding rural grant schemes – either use it or lose it.  Brexit will bring about a great excuse to reduce available grants to farmers and rural businesses if the current round of grants has not been fully allocated.  Some may say that the hoops to jump […]

How Much is Coccidiosis Costing You?

At FCG farmers have been contacting us due to an increase in coccidiosis seen on farm. So, what is it? Coccidiosis is THE major cause of diarrhoea in calves up to three months of age. In clinical trials 95% of calves have been found to have subclinical coccidiosis without displaying any symptoms, and even severely […]