Fresh Start

No, this is not a new energy drink or breakfast cereal, it is an initiative that has been set up to help put land owners, who no longer want to actively farm, together with farmers or new entrants who want to start farming.  The aim is to act as a “dating agency” for both sides […]

Separating Genetic Potential from Management Effect

As market conditions, weather, management choices and milk contracts change, it becomes increasingly important to ensure your breeding decisions meet your farms’ needs.  Both the main dairy breeding indexes in the UK (Profitable Lifetime Index – £PLI and Spring Calving Index – £SCI) are well established and strive to promote strong health traits; however, it […]

Late Spring?

After a challenging spring weather wise, with hopefully better weather ahead, are you prepared to turn out cattle to grass?  Just because grass growth has been delayed or you are later getting fertiliser applied, doesn’t mean cattle cannot go out once the weather warms up.  Farmers more often admit that in hindsight, cattle could have […]

Intervention Stocks of SMP

We are all aware of the vast quantity of SMP in intervention, at around 380,000 tonnes.  The last tender run by the EU managed to shift just 4,337 tonnes of the stuff, at €1,110 per tonne.  Offered prices ranged from €650 to €1,270 per tonne, and are well down on the actual selling price the […]