Further Funding Available Through LEADER Grant Funding

LEADER grant funding is available for projects to improve farm productivity, such as direct drills, GPS systems, mobile sheep and cattle handling systems as well as farm diversification projects such as farm shops, shepherd huts, collaborative grain drying facilities or pack houses for example. Local Action Groups who are near to allocating their remaining funds […]

Mid-Tier 2018 – Application Window Changes?

A number of Natural England managers have confirmed that for 2018 they are looking to bring the current deadline to submit applications forward from 30th Sept to 31st July.  Given how many are finding the current deadline tight given how slow application packs were sent out to begin with coupled with a potential cross over […]

Potential Increases To Permitting Charges

IPPC permits are a legal requirement for any intensive livestock producer over the below thresholds: Poultry:                                         40,000 Sows:                                                750 Production pigs over 30kg:                2000 There are un confirmed reports that the Environment Agency are to dramatically increase the initial application fee when first applying for a permit and the variation fee which is […]

Land Diversification

I recently attended an event jointly hosted by Thomson & Bancks Solicitors and Folk2Folk who are a peer to peer lending company.  The event is part of a series of events aimed at landowners and rural professionals looking to the future of agriculture post Brexit and how to maximise business sustainability and maximising income.  The […]