Welsh Water – PestSmart

In April, Welsh Water is launching their 2017 PestSmart scheme.  The scheme is to help farmers in targeted catchment areas across Wales. The scheme involves the Free Weed Wiper Trial.  This trial provides an environmentally friendly way to control common rush and other weeds through the free use of weed wiper machinery from April to […]

Effective Use of Time on Dairy Farms

For farmers who are tied up in busy daily routines it can be difficult to take an objective look at farm management.  It is worth scheduling time to look exclusively at management and to have an independent appraisal of the farming system.  By doing this, an idea can be gained of how time is used […]

Whole Farm Grass Clover Research from Ireland

The day before the Positive Farmers Conference in Ireland in January this year, there was an opportunity to have a farm tour of one of Teagasc’s Research Farms.  This year we headed to Clonakilty Agricultural College, in Co. Cork, to hear about the current research project. “The Effect of tetraploid and diploid swards sown with […]

Review Liming Policy?

The majority of our clients are grass based dairy farmers in West Wales.  These systems focus on maximising grass dry matter production and utilisation.  As these farms are in a high rainfall area with moderate to high fertiliser use, soil acidification is expected.  As standard good practice these businesses sample the whole farm every four […]