Australian Dairy Industry Study Tour

On the surface there are few similarities between farming in the UK and farming in Australia.  However, with the future of subsidies uncertain post-Brexit, and the whole world facing a changing climate, there are lessons to learn from the dairy industry in countries which are already in the midst of these challenges. Victoria’s industry is […]

Young People into Agriculture Scheme

The Welsh Government has recently confirmed that a new scheme, namely Young People into Agriculture Scheme, will open in April and follow on from the highly successful Young Entrants into Agriculture scheme which ran from 2010 to 2015. The scheme is designed to assist high-achieving young farmers (under the age of 40 at 1st of […]

Milk Response to Feeding Concentrates at Grass

We are frequently asked by our grass based dairy farmers clients ‘what is the milk response to feeding concentrates at grass?’  These are businesses that focus on maximising the use of grazed grass, typically concentrates are fed when grass availability is limiting.  We have however seen a movement towards increased concentrate feeding rates, this has […]

Heavy Soils and High Rainfall

A large proportion of the clients that we deal with manage heavy land.  These farms typically have high annual rainfall.  The last six months (August 2017 – January 2018) has seen remarkably high rainfall at 968mm, as summarised in the table below; * Rainfall data for Carmarthen Town. ** Rain days are determined by precipitation […]