Milk Lactose Levels – Andrew Jones

You may have noticed (depending on your milk buyer) that NML have now started testing for Lactose with your milk samples, but what is Lactose and what is it an indication of? Lactose is a disaccharide and is made up of two simple sugars, one glucose molecule and one galactose molecule, so it is therefore […]

Colostrum Management

Working with a spring calving dairy client recently, the importance of colostrum management has become a major focus on farm due to increased health issues in new born calves.  In previous years, the farm has relied on calves sucking dams to receive their required amount of colostrum to build up immunity (3l within 2 hrs).  […]

Calne Dairy Discussion Group 2016 Tour

  This year’s tour was held at Harper Adams and Andrew & Bill Higgins (2013 Gold Cup Winners) dairy farm. Andrew & Bill Higgins Passionate drive was clear from the outset, where everyone’s role was clearly defined. At present 414 cows were in milk producing 12,000 litres at 3.91% Butterfat, 3.11% Protein, 10 Bactoscan and […]